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How to cure addiction with the help of alternative methods

How to cure addiction with the help of alternative methods

Addiction has many forms. Addiction to alcohol, drugs, internet, cigarettes, sweets, coffee ...

Some types of addictions are socially acceptable, while others are not.


Before the dependence has defined as physical and psychological attachment to psychoactive substances that after consuming temporarily change the chemical balance of the brain.

Now more psychologists and doctors are looking at addiction beyond that. This concept also includes abnormal psychological attachment to things and activities such as gambling, food, sex, computers, the Internet, work, TV, shopping.

Symptoms of addiction

There are several types of addiction and each can have their symptoms.

The consequences of addiction

A person suffering from addiction, often says: "I do not do damage to anyone, except himself." How far from the truth!

Addiction causes more problems than you can imagine addict. In addition to the many health problems that we know well, there are others, for example:

financial problems - a person is willing to spend the money, even more than that it has, to its dependence
Crime - addiction is often associated with theft, extortion, violence, etc.
relations in the family and society - because of behavior dependent persons often suffer family and friends, broken marriages
life threat to others - for example, control of the vehicle while drunk
social problem - people do not want to participate in social life. Withdraws, does not want to work, not her family, etc.

Addiction is a real problem for addicts and for society.

How to cure addiction with the help of alternative methods

Addiction is a way that people in most cases chosen consciously. The only chance to cure the addiction is a firm desire to move in the opposite direction.

If the person does not want to kick his habit, no one will be able to help her.

However, if a person strongly wants to heal itself, there are several ways to help her with the help of alternative methods.


1. Desire strengthening


Attitude is important. One must develop a strong desire to get rid of addiction. A person alone can work on its own attitude, and also get help from close friends.


There are methods that may directly or subtly influence our consciousness and subconscious. These methods can help change attitudes and strengthen the desire for healing.


For this purpose can be used ...


- affirmation

- Subliminal messages



- psychotherapy


2. Supplements


Some plants can ease the process of detoxification.


Noni is probably the plant's No. 1 for addiction in the world.


Noni contains proxeronine that the body converts into xeronine. Xeronine is naturally present in the body and plays an important role in the biochemical processes of the body.


It has long been known that addiction occurs at the molecular level.


For example, with smoking, the body is flooded with nicotine. The structure of the alkaloids, such as nicotine, cocaine and heroin are very similar to the structure of xeronine.


When nicotine enters the bloodstream, the body begins to use in biochemical processes rather than xeronine. Over time, the nicotine is increasingly reinforces the molecular structure of the body.


After quitting smoking, the body can not function normally, because his every cell is missing nicotine. This is why the pain occurs, depression and discomfort in the process of detoxification.


If the person still fails to abstain from nicotine, after some time the body will again start using xeronine and gradually to all processes in the body back to normal.


Therefore, taking extra xeronine can help overcome addiction and ease the process of withdrawal. This was confirmed in practice - Noni has helped many addicts to alcohol and drugs.


Among other dietary supplements that are used to treat addiction as barley grass, Kava Kava (Piper methysticum), Ashwagandha and aloe vera.



3. Acupuncture


1972 years H.L.Wen, homeopath from Hong Kong, noticed that stimulating certain points can relieve their patients withdrawal symptoms from drug addiction.


Later, they conducted research at 40 of a heroin and opium, which are trying to help patients with the help of acupuncture and electro-stimulation.


Research results have confirmed that acupuncture may actually facilitate the withdrawal symptoms of addiction.


Dr. Scott helps their patients exactly that way and believes that acupuncture can relieve depression, anxiety and pain and help restore emotional balance.


Scott recommends addicts to turn to a qualified expert in this area and to possibly use needles for single use.



4. Homeopathy


For many years people have been exploring the possibilities of homeopathy in the treatment of addiction.

Any method used should be consulted with the doctor even when it comes to natural remedies.