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How to strengthen children's immune system naturally

How to strengthen children's immune system naturally

Staying in kindergartens and schools, as well as the usual indoor, favors mass exchange of viruses and bacteria, especially when your children's immune system is compromised.

Miscellaneous colds, flu, sore throat, cough, intestinal viruses or other infectious diseases are followed one after another, especially in a time change of seasons when we are all susceptible to infections.

With small patients, often sick and other family members.

Although mostly harmless viruses can certainly make life difficult for depriving the pace at which we are accustomed to, and often they come back.

There are lots of tips on natural treatment, but parents are rightly cautious when it comes to children.

Safe plants to treat children
Plants are powerful drugs, but the most important, is their proper selection.

Misuse of the plants can be harmful for children.

The following plants have proven to be safe and very good in combating viral infections in children, and raise immunity as a natural protection.

 As a mother of three children, a lot of times they have been the salvationin the flu and colds season.

These are the plants that will help your little ones.

Elder - a perfect immunological and antiviral plant, especially suitable for children.

Rosehip and hibiscus are full of vitamin C that is not lost when cooking, as well as leaves of blackberry that are excellent for stomach and bowel (intestinal viruses and inflammation).

In addition to raising immunity, they strengthen the body and prevent anemia.

Chamomile relieves pain and spasms, has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties.

Thyme has antiseptic effect on all the internal organs. It is an excellent remedy for cough, fever and anemia. 

Plantain has strong antibacterial properties, eg. Against staphylococci, streptococci and clostridia. It helps in the treatment of infections of the pharynx, tonsils, purulent angina and diarrhea caused by various viruses and bacteria.

Anise and fennel, improve digestion and reduce bloating and cramps, it has curative effect in asthma, bronchitis, and all types of cough.
Not one of them are recommended for taking independent for a long time, but only in mixtures such as Immuno tea.

Immuno tea - a natural remedy against viruses
Herbs in immune tea and their mutual action raises the natural immunity of children.

A beneficial effect on the respiratory and digestive system - just in those areas that are most often attacked by viruses.

Ingredients immune tea:

25 g elder (Sambuci flos)
20 g mallow (Malvae herba)
10 gr blackberries (Rubi Frutica. Folium)
10 g of chamomile (Matricarie flos)
10 g bar (Rosae pseudo-fructus)
5 g hibiscus (Hibisci flos)
5 g of thyme (SERPÝL herba)
5 g plantain (Plantaginis folium)
5 g fennel (Foeniculi fructus)
5 gr anise (Anisi fructus)

One tablespoon of this mixture of tea put in half liter of cold water.

When water boils, cook over low heat for one minute, and then leave the tea covered for 5-10 minutes. Strain and let your child drink during the day.

Children like to drink this tea because it tastes fine. If desired, you can add honey and lemon.

Immune drink

By using medicinal herbs and honey you can prepare very tasty and effective syrup.

Depending on the age and weight of the child, take 2-5 teaspoons a day.

200 ml water
250 g of honey
1 tablespoon anise (or fennel)
1 tablespoon pomegranate
1 tbsp elderflower
1 tablespoon plantain
1 tablespoon thyme
juice of 1 lemon


In 200 ml of cold water into a boil one tablespoon anise and pomegranate.

When it boils, add one tablespoon of elderberry, plantain and thyme, and turn off the burner. 

Strain after 15 minutes, and the lukewarm tea, add 250 g of honey (to get the mixture density syrup) and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Put the syrup in a glass bottle, and hold it in the refrigerator. So it can last up to three months.

 Ravensara Oil

For more effective anti-virus fight, I recommend the use of essential oils ravensara.

Use the oil only for externally and massage the chest and back of the child.

Essential oils are already absorbed a few minutes after application into the skin and the blood supply.

Ravensara has extremely antiviral activity, and helps with all kinds of viral infections.

It relieves the symptoms of cough, stuffy nose, works with colds and flu.

You can also use it with herpes and mononucleosis. It is effective with digestive and respiratory infections.

In addition, increases immunity and can be used to prevent, as a natural remedy for strengthening the immune system.

Oil ravensara massage


100 ml of almond oil
30 drops of essential oil ravensara
A mixture of oils lubricate the chest and back of the child, a preventive one, and in the case of viruses 2-3 times a day.

For older than 3 years

All recipes are designed for children over 3 years.
In the case of a young child, or if the child is suffering from some chronic illness, be sure to consult counsel experienced herbalists.
He will best adapt the structure and content of plants for age and particular medical condition.

Natural Remedies - long-term investment in health

Proper use of medicinal plants in the long run will help the whole organism.
You will avoid many of the harmful side effects of chemical drugs and in an intake irreplaceable phytonutrients that can not be obtained through other means.
Over time, natural remedies will increasingly strengthen the body so that through a strong immunity to acquire resistance to disease.
There is no magic wand that we could completely be spared by infection.

However, proper use of herbs can prevent many infections, alleviate the symptoms or shorten their duration.

So naturally and safely help your little ones.