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The healing properties of sea salt

Sea salt, just like the other components of sea water has therapeutic properties, known since ancient times. Thus, in antiquity Hippocrates and Herodotus used to recommend baths in sea water at various health problems, especially for rheumatism and sciatica, and skin diseases, such as inflammation and wounds. King Solomon gave the queen of Sheba Dead Sea salt, when she visited the country. The famous beauty Cleopatra regularly bathed in the Dead Sea, especially rich salts that are rich in various minerals and trace elements.

Because of its almost miraculous properties of sea salt is an essential ingredient in many preparations for the care, health, beauty of face and body. 

Sea salt is unusually rich in variety of ingredients. Among eighty different minerals, trace elements, carbonate and sulfate, are also present, calcium, potassium, bromine, sodium, manganese, magnesium, iodine, iron, fluorine and silica. The salt from the Dead Sea contains a very high percentage of magnesium, an important mineral when it comes to beauty and health (in one liter of salt has by as much as 40 grams). 

A warm bath with sea salt has a relaxing effect and relaxes tense muscles. Sea salt has antiseptic properties and antihistamines, which is beneficial for skin allergic reactions. National Pediatric Hospital for many years successfully used baths with sea salt to treat and relieve allergies. 

Because of its ingredients, sea salt stimulates the metabolism and excretion of toxins. It also stimulates the secretion of excess water from the skin and connective tissue, which prevents the accumulation of excess fluid and the skin becomes stronger, smoother, firmer, softer and healthier. Minerals from the salt are associated with skin cells, so it becomes brighter and velvety. For the same reasons, baths with sea salt encourages weight loss and lead to the removal or reduction of cellulite and regeneration of skin tissue, which have anti-cellulite and anti-aging effect. Additionally, sea salt is beneficial for inflammation. Because it improves circulation and blood flow to the skin, sea salt softens rough and chapped skin on hands, elbows and feet. 

Bath sea salt has multiple positive effects not only on the skin, but also the human body as a whole. It has long been observed and is a great similarity in the composition of seawater and human blood plasma, which also speaks in favor of soothing effects baths with sea salt. 

In general, warm bath stimulates organ function, filtering and secreting toxins from the body, such as the liver, kidneys and skin. The warm water raises body temperature, and deposited contaminants begin to move through the lymph and blood flow to the surface, and salt, thanks to which ordinary water becomes sea, facilitates this process and excretion. Thus, baths with sea salts stimulate metabolism and cleaning of pollutants not only the skin and connective tissue, but also of the entire organism. 

However, a bath with sea salt not only balm for the body, but have a positive impact on our state of mind: relaxed and refreshed mentally and physically, encourage positive feelings, especially thanks to a high percentage of magnesium, which is proven to combat stress. 

Baths with sea salt is recommended in many states, especially in ...

The baths of sea salt

Bath sea salt is recommended once a week. For effective bath Dissolve 300-500 g of sea salt (preferably from the Dead Sea) and hot water. Slowly add cold water to achieve the optimal temperature (35-37 ° C). Perform in the bath of 20 to 30 minutes. Do not neglect your skin. Take a towel, soak it in salted water and put on your face. After baths spend about 30 minutes in peace. 

To enhance the effect of sea salt bath, bath water, you can add pure essential oils, to select in accordance with the desired effects. For example, if you're nervous or have difficulty sleeping, bathing water, in which you dissolve the salt, add lemon balm oil, Baldrian or lavender, and if you want to boost blood flow to the skin and the entire organism, add rosemary oil or Trnine. In the period of colds and various respiratory infections, bath sea salt can add eucalyptus oil, thyme or wood. 

For a relaxing romantic bath in a ceramic bowl, mix 200 grams of sea salt with 30 drops of sandalwood oil, 10 drops of lavender oil and nutmeg, 2 drops of rose oil and 5 drops of ylang-ylang. 


Foot bath can act almost as regenerating our body as well as classical, lying bath. Mainly used for circulatory problems, pain in the feet, problems with fungi, but also in general tiredness and lethargy. Sore feet can refresh foot bath made up of a cup of sea salt to which was added 3 drops of peppermint oil and 2 drops of lavender. If you are chronically tired and exhausted, you can not help it refreshing foot bath: Mix a cup of coarse sea salt 3 drops of essential oil of white pine and 2 drops of lemon.