Both our Family Medicine and Internal Medicine physicians are well equipped to help:

  • Answer your health-related questions
  • Guide you through management and treatment of your illness
  • Provide you with additional resources and support


Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2) is a chronic illness that affects more than 8% of Americans at every age.  If you have diabetes, routine visits with your primary care physician will be essential to properly ensure you have the disease well managed.

Our team of family medicine and internal medicine physicians can work in partnership with you and other specialists to manage your diabetes through medication and lifestyle changes. Getting your blood sugar levels in check when you have diabetes is very important, as it can help reduce your risk of developing other serious complications such as heart disease and blindness.

You can help reduce your odds of getting Type 2 diabetes by maintaining a proper weight through healthy eating and regular physical activity. Lowering your risk for diabetes can also help reduce your risk of getting heart disease.